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If your car is making a strange clunking or grinding noise and you can't quite figure out where it is coming from, bring your car in so that we can inspect your differentials and help you find an affordable and timely solution.

What is the differential?

Car wheels have to spin at different speeds when driving. This is especially true when turning. The differentials function to transmit power from the wheels and allow them to rotate at different speeds.


The differentials are important to your car because they allow the wheels to spin independently. This makes turning easier and reduces wear on your car.

We've got all of your differential needs covered

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• Replacement of differentials

• Repairing damaged differentials

• Refilling differential fluid

• Locating and fixing clunking sounds

• Locating the source of grinding sounds

• Inspection of differentials

• Differential maintenance

• All makes and models of vehicles

We work hard to get the job done right the first time. Ask about our nationwide warranty.

Need repair work or maintenance completed on your drive line / shaft? Bring your car in today for service!


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